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  • Fax: +86 29 82668567
  • E-Mail: icepe2017@mail.xjtu.edu.cn

Guidelines for Oral Presentation Presenters


Please bring your presentations as a PDF file on USB Flash Memory if you do not have any video clips, with all fonts embedded so that all the mathematical symbols and equations will project properly. This generally avoids the problem of incompatible PPT editors. A laser pointer and microphone will be provided for your use. Any additional technical equipment should be requested at least one month in advance of the presentation.


Each paper in an oral session is allocated 15 minutes. This includes time required for introduction of the speaker, as well as time for questions from the audience. Therefore authors are advised to prepare 10-minutes talk and leave 5 minutes for questions at the end.


Please arrive at your session at least 10 minutes before the start of your session to load up your file into the laptop in the room. If you choose to bring PPT slides with video clips on USB, you can bring your material in a couple of different PPT versions and try out prior to the presentation. Only PowerPoint® files (.PPT or .PPTX) with version of 2013 or earlier are supported for oral presentation.


If you need additional audio / visual equipment, please notify the LOC before 15th October. If your presentation includes videos or animations, it is strongly recommended to convert them into .GIF format before insert them into the PowerPoint® document because special video format might not be displayed on the computer of the LOC.


Each plenary talk is allocated 40 minutes, and each invited talk is allocated 30 minutes including 5 minutes of Q&A.


If you have to be absent from the ICEPE-ST2017 for some irresistible reasons, please inform the secretary of your absence in advance via email.



Guidelines for Poster Presenters


The dimension of the post board is 100cm (width) by 248cm (height). Poster presentation should include following items in addition to the main contents.


•    Title of the presentation

•    Authors’ names and their organizations

•    Introduction

•    Conclusion


The poster boards are marked with the sequence No. of corresponding paper. Please do not cover the numbers. A poster information desk with fixing materials will be available.


Please put up your poster prior to the start of the poster session and remove it shortly after the session.